Game On!

UniScore is an online service that will help you keep score in a game of darts.

It will help you and your friends enjoy playing darts against each other while keeping score without the need for pen and paper or mobile phones!

Checkout some of the features we have:

What you need

All you need is a dartboard, 3 darts and access to the UniScore online darts scorer.

UniScore News and Notifications

UniScore has been specifically developed to be very greedy with the raw data that is stored on each player, now containing over 24 million records along with a great deal of data containing summarised statistics on all members.

It's pretty easy to add the functionality that will enable a member to see that they're statistically better than 24% of all active users given one caveat, a member must have played at least 50 games. This restriction is to ensure that everyone has the same number of statistics recorded showing a true representation of their skill, thus avoiding the situation where one person plays a game and flukes a high score well beyond their usual ability, or the opposite where, say, Phil Taylor has a match while watching Emmerdale and so doesn't give that game his full attention and only gets a 40 3-dart average!

Another possible enhancement to UniScore is to add into each member.s account where they are in the world (currently optional), if they're in a pub team, if so which pub, etc. This would provide data for a comprehensive ranking system, enabling a player to say they are ranked, eg, 100th in the world, 25th in the UK, 2nd in Derbyshire, and 1st in their pub team (The Darters Arms!).

It has also been suggested that UniScore should display a ranking summary on the front page, displaying the top 10 players for that week by ability, as well as the most active 10 players. A member would then be able to compare their own statistics against these top players.

If the membership consider any of these to be welcomed additions, please let us know!

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